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Powerful Metrics for Your Store

Would you like to track the most powerful online store metrics right in your administration?

The Sales Overview plugin allows you to monitor which products and customers bring in the most sales and can help you better understand your customers’ purchase behaviours. You’ll get the clear overview of your revenue, number of orders, AOV, number of products sold, and more. 

Track the most powerful online store metrics
Monitor the most important metrics and determine when to make changes, such as reviewing a pricing strategy or diversifying sales channels. Track the number of your orders and evaluate your store’s performance. Find out how much customers spend in your store on average and react accordingly. Prepare volume discounts or reduce your order execution costs if needed.

Focus on customers happiness
With this module, it is easy to identify those customers who come back to your store to shop again. Make sure you reward loyal customers and motivate them to return. Export data related to your customers and let them know that you appreciate their patronage. Have them engage with your brand via social media, ask for their feedback, and send out samples and small gifts along with personalized recommendations based on their previous purchases. Show them you care.

Target your best-sellers
Keep track of your top performing products. This strategy will not only allow you to ensure adequate inventory but will also give you the necessary incentives to always be prepared with the best offer for your customers at the right time. By understanding your top selling products you can optimize strategies to sell more.

Get detailed information about:

  • ‍Orders
  • ‍Orders on average per day
  • Revenue (with / without VAT)
  • Avg. order value (with / without tax)
  • Number of products sold
  • ‍Average number of products sold per day
  • Total profit
  • Average profit per unit
  • Total margin
  • ‍Average margin per unit

Sales Overview is an in-store plugin, which means it’s easy for anyone to install and start using. If you find that you’re needing more, you can simply add additional plugins and combine them as needed.

The best part is that all of these features and possibilities can be accessed within your store administration - the virtual environment you know the best. If you find the package isn’t enough, or you want to expand and experiment with different options, you can always add more modules and combine them as needed.

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