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Product Statistics for Your Store

Are you looking to gain important insights into how your customers interact with your products?

Our Product Statistics plugin gives you the ability to tap into those metrics so you’ll always know which products are the most profitable, which are dragging you down, and how to create top combinations which will appeal to your followers.

By knowing your strong and weak spots, it's easy to prepare the best offers containing products that generate the most profit. This, in turn, allows you create special product bundles and volume discounts for your top combinations.

Revealing your hot and cold products can help facilitate product portfolio optimization, save you money, and let you clear dead stock. Find out which suppliers and brands benefit you the most so you know where to focus your time, energy, and resources.

It’s the #1 MonkeyData in-store plugin for a reason! The more insights you get, the more precisely targeted campaigns you can create. This plugin is helping eCommerce stores increase sales every day!

Gain important insights on your: 

  • Products KPIs (revenue, orders, quantity sold)
  • Most profitable products
  • Non-sold products
  • Product combinations
  • Hot (trending) and cold (falling) products
  • Categories by performance
  • Brands by performance
  • Suppliers by performance
  • ‍Products / variants benchmarking
  • ‍Most refunded products
  • ‍Most discounted products

Products Statistics is an in-store solution that is displayed directly in your online store dashboard. It shows a specific segment of statistics - you can choose a plugin you’re interested in and easily activate it yourself. But, more importantly, you can do it all within your store administration - the environment that you know the best. 

No IT skills required. With customizable plugins you can add more and combine them as needed. Install the plugin today to make sure you’re not missing out on those opportunities!

"This plugin is simply amazing! It adds up our in-store statistics and gives us the bigger picture we need. Product statistics helped us optimize our inventory and increase sales by creating bundles according to the combinations graph." (Metalshop)

Product Statistics Module for PrestaShop

1. Download the zip file.

2. Upload the module (zip file) via the upload manager in your PrestaShop administration.

Note: If you use an older version of PrestaShop, you need to look for the module right after you upload it, then install it and refresh your browser. You'll find the module in the Analyze section.

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