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Order Statistics for Your Store

Would you like to get more details on your orders?

Order Statistics plugin allows you to track your peak hours and rush days, and determine the average spending of your customers.   

Understand where your ups and downs occur and plan your marketing activities accordingly. Determine how much a customer spends on average and respond accordingly by reducing your order execution cost, offering volume discounts, etc.

Stay on top of your busiest times so you'll always have your staff and stock ready to go. Evaluate your store’s performance dependent on campaigns and recurring factors by monitoring the number of your orders.

Track more details regarding your orders:

  • Avg. order value (with / without VAT)
  • Revenue (with / without VAT)
  • Total turnover (product price + shipping + payment)
  • Orders by days 
  • Orders by hours

Order Statistics is an in-store plugin, which means it’s easy for anyone to install and start using. With customizable plugins you can add more and combine them as needed.

But, more importantly, you can do it all from your store administration - the environment that you know the best.  Install the plugin today to make sure you’re not missing out on those opportunities!

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