Get a detailed overview of your online store and retail

Control every element of your online business and brick & mortar all in one place. 


Optimize every part of your business

Interested in online store + POS analytics only?

Boost your business growth

Interested in online store + retail analytics only?


Advanced analytics for online & retail business

Optimize both your online & in-store business. Grow effectively.

Deep store insights

Monitor the most important metrics of your online store and brick & mortar all in one place. Control every element of your business: your Revenue Intake, Average Order Value, Number of Orders and many more.

Customer analysis

Find out which customers spend the most at your online store and retail and who your most loyal customers are. Improve your marketing strategy and reward your top customers.

Customer overview

See how many customers purchased in your store repeatedly in last two years. Watch the first purchases of your customers to find out how your online store affects your customer.

Trends in shipping & payment

What is the most popular shipping and payment method and their combinations amongst your customers? What are the main reasons for the order cancellations?

Data segmentation

Which customers should you target for special offers, and which products tend to sell the most? Filter segments you are interested in and combine them as needed.

Best-selling products

Monitor what your best-selling items are, what time periods you sell them the most and prepare the best offer for your customers during the whole year.

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It’s never been easier to get a whole picture of your online store and retail business.

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Predefined dashboards & important metrics help you with the day to day management of your business.

Customize time periods based on your needs to see what’s happening in your store.

Compare your results to the previous time periods to find out if there are any weak points you should focus on.

Share your projects with anyone — whether it be employees, designers, contractors, or potential clients.

Customer references

I love graphs and tables, so I really enjoy MonkeyData. We have discovered some opportunities for the improvement of our business.

Pavel Kralicek

With MonkeyData, we get our online store and retail data in one place which gives us completely new valuable insights and saves us thousands of pounds monthly.

Will Samuels

MonkeyData is a really user-friendly omnichannel analytics tool that helps us see the big picture and lets us keep track of important developments with our online store.

Adam Smith

MonkeyData - the best analytics solution for your online store & retail