Only using

Get all data sources in one place.

Need to go to other sources to collect marketing cost, customer, shipping and other data.

100% accurate ecommerce data from your online store.

Sampling of data, static ecommerce tracking.

See your costs by channel and campaign to determine profitability of marketing initiatives.

Need to link statistics to marketing costs from external sources to determine campaign

Easily analyze the results from your eBay and Amazon stores in addition to your website.

Unable to analyze your eBay and Amazon data without complicated integrations.

Generate automated reports sent directly to your email to be consistently updated on your business progress.

Manually export your reports from Google Analytics.

Deeper insights: sessions, days and sources to transaction.

Basic insights: visitors, session duration and bounce rate.

Take advantage of additional features such as metric predictions and time period comparisons. Use our mobile app to get insights anytime,

No predictive metrics or ability to compare to previous time periods. No mobile app to monitor your business on the go.

Google Analytics is just one data source of many

Google Analytics is simply one of the data sources that MonkeyData analyzes. With MonkeyData, you get all your data from your online store, Google Analytics, social media and email campaigns all in one place.

We don’t compete with Google Analytics

We are not replacing Google Analytics. MonkeyData is meant to complement Google Analytics by adding more to your analytics arsenal.

100% accurate data

Get ecommerce data directly from your online store to ensure that it is 100% accurate. Our app takes data directly from the source to ensure perfect accuracy.

Marketing costs

View all the marketing costs for your online store. Look at conversion costs by channel and campaign to determine the profitability of your marketing activities.

Monitor your eBay and Amazon stores

Analyze all the results from your eBay and Amazon stores - in the same way and same place you would the rest of your online store data.

Additional features

Get predictions for end of month results. Do time period comparisons of your metrics to compare your progress relative to last year. Generate regular reports to consistently stay on top of your business. Use our mobile app to check in on your business anytime, anywhere.

MonkeyData - the best analytics solution for your online store & retail