The Real Story of the Planet of the Apes

MonkeyData has been fighting for the top places in the eCommerce field since 2014. If you think that it was always paradise in the jungle, we can assure you that behind every story, there is another one :-).

When Jan and Lubos decided to enter the market with MonkeyData, they knew they wanted to create something special, lasting and facilitating the entrepreneur’s life. As the number of new businesses increases, they felt it is absolutely necessary to provide online store owners and marketers with top statistics.

After getting ideas together, looking for the right product, trying, failing, trying, repeating that even the way is the goal, we came with the product that has the best potential for online stores to grow. To succeed. It was made with love by a group of people who really enjoy what they do.

And what we learned on our way?

In order to harvest bananas, you have to water the soil and take care of the plant as if it was your own baby.

Two founders. Two elements. Lots of completely different qualities, experiences and talents. But all this is connected by the desire to change the world of eCommerce.

Lubos Malik (Chief Product Officer)

His main area is the strategic development of the product. He gains feedback from all sides, analyze it and then decides which suggestions will be implemented to the product and when it happens.

Jan Lastuvka (Chief Executive Officer)

Jan takes care of strategic management, global business development, marketing and maintaining key partnerships. Regarding his brilliant speaker skills, you would hardly find a person more suitable for this role.

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